Pushkin is so Russian and so international!

On the 5th of May in the walls of KSMU there was held a festive evening, dedicated to two outstanding events: the Day of Russian Language and the 216th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin — the great Russian poet, writer and dramatist.


It is pleasant to note that «Pushkin reading”, held by the department of Russian language and speech culture and culture and leisure centre of KSMU, have become a good tradition in our university. For many years they please audience with interesting and various concert programme.

In performance of Russian and foreign students, the participants of a theatre school, the stage turned into a real Pushkin festival, where were dramatic presentations, poetic declamations and catching songs and dance.

After the theatrical performance there was offered already familiar from the past events heading «Free Microphone», where everyone could go out and read their favorite lines from the works of Pushkin.

It is pleasant to realize that Pushkin is still known and loved by people and his works awake an echo in people’s hearts regardless of nationality or language.

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