Meeting of the Rector of KSMU professor V.A. Lazarenko with the foreign students, living in KSMU hostels

Despite busy schedule the rector of KSMU professor V.A. Lazarenko always tries to give an eye to the students of the international faculty and to communicate with them personally.

Such meetings has already become traditional and are held with the view to improve living conditions of foreign citizens in KSMU hostels, guarantee secure residence on the territory of the Russian Federation and explain the internal rules of conduct of student hostel.

During January, 2016 in the hostels of Kursk state medical university there were held the meetings of the Rector, Honoured Physician of the RF, deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Doctor of Medical Sciences professor V.A. Lazarenko with the foreign students: on the 21st of January in hostel No6, on the 26th of January in hostel No5 and on the 28th of January in hostel No4.

There were such guests as: the dean of the international faculty Yu.D. Lyashev, the Rectorate Advisor Chahine M.T., the head of the administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze, the head of campus N.P. Zhabin; the head of basic safety, civil defense and emergency department Yu.P. Avdeev and his deputy G.T. Eremin, the deputy head of the administration for economic activity V.N. Bogachev, administration of the hostels and employees of the administration for international relations.

The students had an opportunity to ask the questions they wanted, concerning purchase of new furniture, repair of the living rooms, pass control in the university, possibility of allocating of rooms in the hostels for sports activities and so on.

Summarizing the results of the meetings there will be made a plan of actions, focused on solving of the problems, which were discussed at the meetings with the rector.


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