The International Academic Seminar was held in KSMU

On the 10th of February, 2016 in KSMU was held International Academic Seminar, organized in cooperation with the Committee of public health service of Kursk region, as part of the Week of the International medical science, dedicated to the 81st anniversary of Kursk state medical university and 50th anniversary of the pharmaceutical faculty. The doctor of medicine, neurosurgeon of the Hospital University Germans Trias i Pujol Julio J. Sekades (Badalona, Spain), leading KSMU professors, doctors of practical healthcare, residents, interns and students took part in the seminar.

The head of the department of neurology and neurosurgery, chairman of the regional society of neurologists, Doctor of Medical Sciences professor V.B. Laskov made a report at the seminar, having covered modern directions for the development of neurology and neurosurgery in Russia and abroad. Doctor Julio J. Sekades represented a scientific report “From neuroprotection to neuroplasticity (patients’ rehabilitation after cerebral accident and traumatic brain injury)” and also gave a lecture “Modern clinical and preclinical basis of use of medication (through the example of a group of psychostimulants and Nootropics)”. Those present took an active part in discussion of the raised questions.

In continuation of the seminar there was held a roundtable discussion, dedicated to the important aspects if international medical academic cooperation in the sphere of public health service and medical science of Spain and Russia with the participation of the representatives of the Committee of public health service of the Administration of Kursk region, Kursk regional society of neurologists and international association of clinical pharmacologists. During the discussion the floor was given to the chairman of the medical board of KSMU professor G.A. Bondarev, doctor Julio J. Sekades, chairman of the regional society of neurologists, the head of the department of neurology and neurosurgery professor V.B. Laskov and the head of the administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze.

The visit of doctor Julio J. Sekades to KSMU shows the increase of academic mobility of teachers as one of the main directions of international cooperation of KSMU.


The vice-rector for continuous education and international cooperation professor I.G. Komissinskaya,

The head of Administration for International Relations Yu. Sh. Iobidze

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