Acquaintance of foreign students with Russian culture

Foreign students of KSMU take a great interest in cultural heritage of our country.

On the 24th of March, 2016 a group of foreign students from Brasil, India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria visited the Kursk State Philharmonia where the concert of folk instrument band “Russian Mosaic” was held.

During the whole event the master of the ceremony was telling stories to the audience about the history of creation and further development of such old musical instruments as gusli, dombra, dulcimer, balalaika, accordion and so on. Each story was accompanied by a musical composition in which the named instrument soloed.

Students listened to the melodies with great interest, admiring the solists’ master play.

The attendance of such event became an unique experience of introduction to the beginnings of Russian culture which left only positive emotions and impressions on foreign students.

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