We read poetry in all languages: KSMU celebrated the World Poetry Day

On the 24th of March in KSMU was held a literary-musical event dedicated to the World Poetry Day. The evening was organized by KSMU Culture and Leisure Center and the Russian Language and Culture of Speech Department.

The representatives of administration, workers, teachers, students of KSMU and all those who are interested in poetry took part in this meet-the-artist event.

The evening program was quite diverse: artists read lyric verses, romances, sonnets and songs of Russian and foreign authors, a lot of which were performed both in mother tongue and in Russian. Spanish, Italian, English, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Malaysian — and thatis only a part of all languages heard at the event. The most impressive was the performance of the International Faculty students: Nilam Kesavan Arunkumar who read A.S. Pushkin’s poem “Monument” in Russian and Tamil, and Soon Boon, who read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 in Russian and English.

The participants raised different topics: love, friendship, poet’s destiny, love for Motherland. War topic was mentioned too — Syrian student ChekmousNesra read her own poem in Arabic dedicated to the war in her country.

The traditional “Open Mike” in which everyone could come on stage and read favourite poem of Russian or foreign author as well as his own one also took place.

We hope that the evening which passed in such warm, friendly and creative atmosphere will remain in all guests’ memory and such literary evenings will surprise us with interesting and original ideas again in the future.

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