Future professionals — about the success of famous scientists

In KSMU there are running the events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Pharmacy. On the 30th of March at the Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics under the direction of the assistant T.A. Novichkova with the participation of the senior teacher M.V. Chistyakov there was held a student’s conference where the future professionals — the Faculty of  Pharmacy first year students  presented the contribution of Russian scientists of 19th — 20th centuries to Pharmaceutical Sciences development.

The students learnt about the Russian scientists of 19th century — professor of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy of Military Medical Academy A.A. Lyosh, who is famous by his works in the sphere of toxicological chemistry; professor of Pharmacy from the University of Warsaw N.F. Mentin — the author of “Pharmacognosy Course” (1888). Students also discussed the works of the famous microbiologist and epidemiologist of the 20th century Z.V. Ermolieva who had received the first domestic samples of antibiotics — penicillin, streptomycin. A separate topic was dedicated to the scientific investigations of M.D. Mashkovsky who took part in creation of many domestic preparations and was the expert of WHO on drugs quality. M.D. Mashkovsky’s handbook “Medications” which survived 16 editions has been a reference book for doctors and pharmacists for many years.

The topic of the conference was no accident — the first-year students just begin their hard and interesting way to the profession. The held conference will undoubtedly help to learn better the future specialization, to form pharmacist’s professional qualities on the example of famous scientists who made a great contribution to pharmacy development.

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