Russia – China: beginning of the international cooperation between Kursk State Medical University and Harbin Medical University in the context of the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities (ASRMU)

On April 20th-22nd, 2016 our university was visited by the delegation from Harbin Medical University (HMU) under the guidance of the director of scientific-technical institute of Harbin Medical University professor Liu Houngwen.

Our Chinese colleagues took part in the opening of the 81st All-Russian scientific conference of students and young scientists “Youth Science and modernity” held in the context of the Medical science week. At the plenary session a postgraduate student of the Pharmaceutical Institute of Harbin Medical University Zhang Yue made a report about the process of atherosclerosis appearance. The guests took part in the scientific symposium “Experimental Pharmacology”.

In the context of the international medical forum on the 21st of April, 2016, the guests visited one of the clinical bases of the higher educational establishment of Kursk Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary. The delegation was met by the head physician, Doctor of Medicine I.L. Kiselyov and the head of the Department of Oncology, associate professor V.V. Khvostovoy, who organized a wide excursion, showed the modern equipment and told the spectators about the investigations made in the dispensary. There took place a constructive exchange of opinions regarding the current issues of diagnostics and oncological diseases treatment.

The members of the delegation took part in the international medical symposium “Perspectives of the International Cooperation in Modern Conditions”, dedicated to the current aspects of the international medical research educational cooperation in the sphere of public health and medical science of Russia and China. The reports were made by professor Liu Houngwen, secretary of the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities Liu Yan, professor A.V. Polonikov, and professor Yu.D. Lyashev.

On the 22nd of April, 2016 there was held a meeting between the rector of KSMU, Honored Physician of the Russian Federation, Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Doctor of Medicine, professor V.A. Lazarenko and the members of the delegation from Harbin Medical University. At the meeting there were discussed the cooperation issues in the sphere of education and public health between Kursk State Medical University and Harbin Medical University including the issues of academic students’ and teachers’ exchange. On behalf of the rector of Harbin Medical University Yang Baofeng professor Liu Houngwen thanked the administration of our university for its warm acceptance and invited KSMU delegation to Harbin with a return visit.

Professor Liu Houngwen read a lecture for the 2nd-year students of the Medical Faculty. He told them about the university, directions of educational and research activity and invited those who wish to visit Harbin Medical University.

The delegation members were much impressed by the visit of the educational simulation center where they were presented to opportunities of training practice skills of students on providing medical care at prehospital stage in the context of situation modeling with the use of modern simulation technique.

The visit ended by a social cultural forum in the context of which there was held the Sino-Russian Friendship Evening. The big gala-concert included more than 20 items performed by the students of different countries. Doctor Liu Houngwen warmly thanked the artists for the bright unforgettable show, a part of which he would take away in his heart to the motherland.

When reviewing the results of the visit with the Chinese delegation members there were discussed the concrete directions of further international cooperation between KSMU and Harbin Medical University in the sphere of education and public health.


The vice-rector for Research and Innovation Development,  M.D., associate professor P.V. Tkachenko

The head of the Administration for International Relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze

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