A sound mind in a sound body

Volleyball is one of the most widespread games not only in Russia, but also in other countries, for example in India. Mass and authentically national character of volleyball is caused by its high emotionality and availability, based on simplicity of rules and equipment.

In May 2016 the Administration for international relations together with the department of physical education organized a cycle of competitions in volleyball among Indian students of Kursk state medical university.

A serious approach of the guys to volleyball was observed during all of the games, each participant didn’t let the ball fall on their ground by different ways.

The guys showed good result, persistence and commitment to win in the game. The head of the Administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze, who was present at the competitions, awarded the participants and wished them to stay strong in the pursuit of their goals.

Competitions in basketball among Nigerian and Russian students were held rather entertaining on the open sports ground.

The team of foreign students won, having showed their mastership and skills.

The participants of the competitions received a lot of positive emotions, energy boost and great mood.

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