Foreign Students Have Visited the Kursk Regional Museum of Local Lore

On October 2, 2016 under the guidance of the tutor of the Administration for International Relations I.A. Kukarskikh the foreign students living in the hostel №5 had an excursion to the Kursk regional museum of local lore.

The exposition devoted to the Victory day of the Kursk battle allowed nobody to stay indifferent. The foreign students listened with a keen interest to the excursion about the fight of the Russian soldiers against the German invaders during the Great patriotic war, about the tank battle of Prokhorovka.

The exhibition of the museum presented the photographs of the participants of the Kursk battle, the tank cut reconstruction, the diorama “The battle of Prokhorovka”, household items and weapons of that time, documents and awards of the combatants of the Kursk Salient.

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