Foreign Students have got Acquainted with the History of the National Unity Day

On November 1, 2016 at the reading room of the pharmaceutic building the foreign literature division of the library and the Administration for international relations arranged a historical cinema hour «Sons of Motherland – defenders of the Russian land». The event is correlated with the holiday “National Unity Day” and is dedicated to the Time of Troubles.

The students of the international faculty were introduced to one of the tragic chapters of the Russian history, when the country’s fate was hanging in the balance, when it was doubted, whether it could maintain its independence, its orthodox religion, its territorial integrity.

In the course of the event the library staff told about the origin of the holiday «National Unity Day», showed a presentation, fragments of the feature film «1612» by Vladimir Khotinenko, which centers around the Time of Troubles.

All the students displayed a keen interest in the history of the country where they study.


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