On November 24, 2016 at the Centre of remote educational technology of the university library there were practical classes of the first-year students of the international faculty “KSMU electronic library: resources, using technology”

The Centre of remote educational technology is a hardware and software complex which provides regulated access to the electronic educational and scientific information content. The classes with the foreign students organized by the vice-dean of the international faculty, associate professor of the Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases department D.V. Polyakov take place several times a year and allow students to use a wide range of information education resources during the whole period of studying.

The electronic library of the university is the principal component in the information support of the educational technology and promotes solution of the specialist training tasks.

The chief bibliographer of the university library T.A. Sukovatykh helped the first-year students of the international faculty to master the theoretical course and the practical skills of the work with the electronic library.

The officer of the Administration for international relations S.O. Karapetyan gave a helping hand in communicating with the students.

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