The meeting of the Rector of KSMU V.A. Lazarenko with the leaders of the communities of foreign students and active students

On the 29th of November, 2016 at the conference hall upon an initiative of the rector of KSMU, honored physician of the Russian Federation, deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Professor V.A. Lazarenko there was a meeting of the university administration with the leaders of the communities and the active foreign students.

Yu.Sh. Iobidze, the head of the administration for international relations, opened the meeting, noting that today over 2400 foreign citizens 50 countries near and far abroad study at the Kursk state medical university. It is the biggest number of foreign citizens among Russian medical universities.

Generally speaking, the whole work with the foreign students is carried out in two major directions: educational and extra-curricular activities. The most important fields of the extra-curricular activity are related to the foreign students’ safety ensuring, dormitory accommodation and providing appropriate conditions of living in hostels, migration registration and deregistration, arranging medical examinations and educational work with the foreign students.

Present at the meeting were: Rector, Honored Physician of the Russian Federation, Deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma, Honorary Professor of the International University Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Honorary Doctor of Science of the university college GEOMATIKA (Malaysia), Honorary Professor of the university МАТН (Lebanon), Professor V.A. Lazarenko, the Rectorate Advisor Candidate of Technical Sciences M.T. Chahine; the dean of the international faculty Professor Yu.D. Lyashev; the director of the campus N.P. Zhabin; the head of the basic safety, civil defence and emergency department Yu.P. Avdeyev and his deputy G.T. Yeremin; the head of the Administration for economic activity V.F. Sbrodov; the staff members of the educational work department of the administration for international relations, the leaders of the communities and the active foreign students.

As part of the meeting the foreign students asked their questions to the university administration, concerning education, household of hostels, organization of the cultural nights of different countries, sports events, observance of discipline.

Shortly before the holiday season the university administration called on the students to observe the rules of personal and fire safety, to refrain visiting water bodies and other potentially dangerous places, to observe strictly the Internal rules of conduct in hostels.

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