Final Results of the International Basketball Tournament

Today sport plays a big role in the integration, coming together of nations, serves as «a peace envoy», and helps to establish friendly relations between countries. Besides, sport improves people, needless to say. This is what its great mission is. And this is precisely why International basketball competitions were held at the Kursk state medical university on December 15 to 22, 2016. Six teams took part in the tournament, each of them presenting their country. The competitions had a simple system: the winners of the 1st stage got into the final, where they could face other strongest teams. There, the game was round robin.

The International Basketball Tournament was held upon the initiative of the Administration for International Relations, the rectorate advisor for foreign issues, the Physical Education department, the Student Council of KSMU, the foreign students’ communities. In the intense tournament, full of interesting game moments, where every ball, every point mattered, the allocation of places was as follows:

The first place – the select team of KSMU, representing Russia.

The second place – the team of KSMU, representing Thailand.

The third place – the select team of KSMU, representing Nigeria.

The fans who supported their players emotionally and unitedly contributed wild emotions to the victory of each team. The winning team was handed the grand prize – the Cup of competitions, medals and diplomas. The players of the teams getting the second and third places were also awarded diplomas and medals.

We congratulate all the sportsmen and wish them future victories!

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