Educational Work with Foreign Students during New Year Holidays

Winter holidays are the long-awaited and favourite season of all the students, time of rest, interesting events, and new experiences. New Year festivities in Russia remain memorable for the foreign students. And this is exactly when students have a lot of spare time which is reasonable to fill with educational activities of various focuses.

With the purpose of providing the safety of the foreign students living  in the hostels of KSMU and in apartments, shortly before the New Year holidays the officers of the Administration for international relations conducted unscheduled instructions with the foreign students on fire safety, security measures in case of occurrence of emergency situations, regarding the observance of traffic regulations, prohibition of visiting water bodies and other potentially dangerous places, following the rules of living in private apartments.

During holidays the officers of the Administration for international relations, the dean’s offices, the campus, the basic safety, civil defense and emergency department of KSMU conducted daily visiting of the hostels, where the foreign students live.

Different mass cultural and sports events were held by the hostel vice-deans during the New Year holidays.

In the hostel № 5 on January 4, 2017 the first year foreign students got acquainted with the Russian winter. The hostel vice-dean told them about the origin of the New Year festivities in Russia, about the peculiarities of its celebration in Russia. Afterwards everyone went for an outing to the «Boyeva dacha». The students played snowballs cheerfully and lively, took pictures, some foreign students tried skiing for the first time.

As part of the work of the International Friendship Club and the adaptation program for the foreign students in the hostel № 5 there was held a thematic meeting «New Year traditions and customs around the world». The students told about the traditions of the New Year and Christmas celebration in Moldova, Armenia, Sri Lanka, etc.

Visiting orphan asylums before Christmas has become a good tradition for the foreign students. This time on January 7, 2017 the foreign students, living in the hostels № 4 and № 6, visited the regional specialized infant home. The students made preparations for that meeting beforehand, they brought the children joy with their congratulations and small gifts.

Thus, optimizing the organization of the recreation, leisure and time occupation system of the foreign students reduces the chances of violation of internal rules of conduct and fire safety rules, as well as cultivates safe mode of life.

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