Charity Maslenitsa in KSMU

Maslenitsa is a traditional Slavic holiday, which is celebrated in Russia before the Lent. During Maslenitsa people bake pancakes, symbolizing the sun, organize feasts, sing and dance in a ring and of course help those who need a hand.

On February 22, 2017 in the university yard the students of KSMU could bid farewell to the winter frost and welcome spring with the traditional folk festivals, lively dances and merry games. The students took an active part in a pillow fight, competed in kettlebell lifting, everyone who wished could make the Maslenitsa doll, take part in an all-prize lottery, as well as take a vivid photo in a Russian folk style. The KSMU international faculty students did their part, too. Many of them got to know about Maslenitsa for the first time ever. Nevertheless, it did not keep the foreigners from coming into the Russian folk festivals and getting plenty of positive emotions.

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