Foreign Students Took Part in the Interregional Festival “Mărțișor” in the Kursk city

It is the third time that the interregional festival “Mărțișor” introduces the Kursk residents and the guests of the city to the pages of the Moldavian culture and history. The opening ceremony took place on March 24, 2017 in the regional Youth Hall. The international faculty students of the Kursk state medical university – the members of the International Friendship Club – took an active part in the festival. The president of the club Borodavkin D.V. was one of the initiators of the festival.

Mărțișor is a traditional holiday in Moldova devoted to welcoming the spring, symbolizing harmony with nature, unity of the nation and peace. The counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Russian Federation Nikolay Myinya addressed the forum participants with congratulations. The guests got to see a holiday concert featuring creative teams of the Kursk region and Moldova. The entertainment part of the festival program was rich and vivid. There was a display of Moldavian goods: fresh fruit, dried fruit, textiles, souvenirs, dairy products and tea. There was a solemn opening of the collective display of drawings  by the students of the Kursk school with advanced study of art and aesthetic subjects № 27 named after A.A. Deineka and the school of art of the Drochia city (Republic of Moldova). There were best Moldavian national and modern performances, famous both at home and far abroad. The performance by Koltsov I.A., native of Moldova, on originally Moldavian wind instrument  — nay —  was an outright gift for the audience, he presented the composition «Lonely Shepherd» and a potpourri of popular hits. The dancing group «Izvoras» from Drochia, Republic of Moldova, pleased the audience performing national Moldavian and Gipsy dances throughout the concert.

The international faculty students got a unique opportunity of touching the traditions and customs of the Moldavian nation. In the end of the festival the president of the International Friendship Club Borodavkin D.V. was awarded an honorary diploma for contribution to the development of the Russian-Moldavian cultural relations.

The interregional festival “Mărțișor” in Kursk displayed the Moldavian national spirit and color in all their glory and gave a new impulse to the development of the Russian-Moldavian cultural and economic relations.


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