KSMU Celebrates A.S. Pushkin’s Birthday

The 6th of June is a birthday of the great Russian poet and writer, Alexander Pushkin, the genius, who had an enormous impact on the whole Russian literary heritage and even the formation of the national language. This is why on this date in Russia as well as in some other countries people also commemorate a Day of the Russian language.

It became a good tradition in our university to celebrate this double holiday. Every year the Center of Culture and Leisure of KSMU together with the Department of the Russian language and culture of speech hold musical and literary concerts, where the participants recite poems of the great writer, act out various scenes from his plays, sing songs and romances.

This year the celebration took a slightly different approach, and unlike its traditional version, the event consisted of three parts.

It started with essay contest named “The world of Pushkin’s works”. Students from various faculties took part in this contest, the winner selected was Sibileva Alexandra, the 1st year student of the Pediatric Faculty.

The second part represented a round-table talk under the theme “What do we know about Pushkin?”. The unknown pages of his biography and work, the peculiarities of his own style, the basic issues of his lyrics were discussed in the presentations. The presentations announced as the best out of the 10 given were the following: “Pushkin today. Pushkin’s descendants” by Kseniya Mikhalchenko, 2nd year student of the Medical Faculty, “The goddesses of Pushkin’s lyrics inspiration” by Bogdan Gololobov and “Pushkin in Bessarabia” by Dmitriy Borodavkin, 3rd year students of the International Faculty.

But the brightest event was the literary and musical concert “In the shadow of friendly muses”. This year the audience enjoyed poetry and scenes from Pushkin’s novels in the open air, in the courtyard of the campus. The improvised stage was decorated with a big banner with the writer’s image. Pushkin’s poems were recited also in the English and Portuguese languages, which received a strong feedback in the hearts of foreign students.

In the end of the concert all the winners of the essay contest, the authors of the best presentations and the participants of the concert were awarded with certificates of merit by the Vice-rector of educational work and relations Tatiana Alekseevna Shulgina, Director of Center of culture and leisure Tatiana Ilinichna Gapontseva, Head of Department of the Russian language and culture of speech Irina Anatolevna Kovyneva.

The celebration went in the atmosphere of warmth and good cheer. It is pleasing to note that the name of the greatest Russian writer is known not only in our country, but far beyond its borders, and that the young generation in Russia and in other countries becomes familiar with his rich literary heritage and is getting to know the Russian culture.


                                              Department of the Russian language and speech culture

Center of culture and leisure

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