Celebration of Indian National Day «Pongal»

India is famous not only for beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage, but also for its festivals and holidays.

One of such holidays is «Pongal» – a festival of harvest, which is held annually in India.

An event dedicated to this holiday took place on January 21, 2018 in the assembly hall of the hostel №6 under the guidance of the staff members of the Administration for international relations.

Foreign students from India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia came together to worship their gods. The guys were recited mantras, performed folk songs and dances, treated themselves to traditional dishes of sweet rice.

Present at the meeting were: the head of the Administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze, the head of the Department for educational work T.F. Dremina, the educators V. L. Leonidova, I.A. Kukarskikh, graduates’ parents and students of the international faculty.

Holding national holidays helps foreign students to maintain their traditions, while in Russia, promotes strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding among students of different nationalities and religious denominations.




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