It is the fourth time already that the interregional festival “Mărțișor” introduces the Moldavian culture and new pages of the Moldavian history to the natives of Kursk and the guests of the city.

Mărțișor is a traditional holiday of welcoming spring in Moldova, symbolizing harmony with nature, unity of the nation and peace.

The fair «Moldova-Kursk – cooperation without borders» and the expert session «Sphere of education and science. Development of inter-university cooperation» was held on March 30, 2018 within the framework of the festival. The South-West State University has become the platform for the dialogue.  The sitting of the session was opened by the SWSU Vice-rector for international activity and informatization A.I. Pykhtin.

In her welcoming address Ms. Alla Ursu-Antoch, Advisor for educational issues to the Parliamentary faction of the socialist party of Moldova, focused the attention of the guests on expanding the opportunities for cooperation between Kursk universities and universities of Moldova and Transnistria. She outlined the milestones of the relationships between teachers and students of the two countries, talked about increasing the number of Moldavian students in Kursk universities, possibility of integrating the academic interests in the specialized fields of science.

The head of the Department of Pharmacology Professor G.S. Mal and the head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology Professor S.V. Povetkin represented KSMU in the expert session. In her speech G.S. Mal shared the results achieved within international cooperation in the framework of implementation of the cooperation agreements between the specialized departments of KSMU and the medical faculty of the Pridnestrovian state university named after T.G. Shevchenko, as well as the targeted prospects of further collaboration.  S.V. Povetkin outlined in his speech the milestones of scientific interaction between the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and the specialized colleagues of the Kishinev state university of medicine and pharmacy named after N. TESTEMIȚANU of MOH of the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of the creative meeting the participants expressed a common opinion on the continuation, strengthening and expansion of the horizons of international cooperation in the educational, scientific and educative segments.

Following up the festival, the guests could enjoy a holiday concert with the participation of creative teams from more than 20 administrative centers of the Russian Federation and from Ocnița and Drochia districts of the Republic of Moldova. The best Moldavian folk and modern songs, well-known both at home and far beyond, were performed. The performance of the folk music orchestra «Rapsozy Nordului» (Ocnița) with the title of Exemplary, winner of numerous national and international competitions, has become a real gift for the audience. The folk dance ensemble «Izvorash» from Drochia, Republic of Moldova, pleased the audience with its mastery of Moldavian folk and Gypsy dance throughout the concert program.

Andrei Neguța, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Moldova to the Russian Federation, addressed the participants of the festival with congratulations.

The cultural part of the festival program was rich and colorful. There was a display of Moldavian goods: fresh fruits, dried fruits, textiles, souvenirs, dairy products and tea.  There was a solemn presentation of the exhibition of decorative-applied and fine art works of the graduates and students of Ocnița School of Arts named after Theodore Negare, Ocnița.

The students of Kursk state medical university took an active part in the work of the festival, both as guests and as participants. The work of the graduate of the Ocnița School of Arts, now student of the international faculty of our university Dmitry Borodavkin, called «Divine Birds», made in the grains-and-seeds technique, was presented among the works, united by a common theme «The Motives of the Native Land».

The interregional festival “Mărțișor” displayed the Moldavian national spirit and color in all their glory and gave a new impulse to the development of the Russian-Moldavian cultural and economic relations.




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