Kursk state medical university pays great attention to the introduction of foreign students to a healthy lifestyle.

From the 13th to 21st of April, 2018 there were held sports competitions in volleyball among students of the international faculty from Nigeria on the initiative of the Administration for international relations, the community of KSMU Nigerian students, the Department of physical education, as part of the work of the International Friendship Club.

Present at the event were: the head of the Administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze, the head of the Department for educational work of the Administration for international relations T.F. Dremina, the interpreter of the Administration for international relations S.O. Karapetyan.

The head of Administration for international relations Yu.Sh. Iobidze wished good health, success and new victories to all the participants of the competitions and handed out the medals and the Cup to the volleyball players who gained the lead in the competition.

The formation of a healthy lifestyle among the students is an integral part of the education of young doctors. Maintaining right living, i.e. regular exercises, abandoning bad habits, forms the right attitude to your body, promotes activism in different fields of human life and activities.

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