Nowadays terrorism is one of the main threats to the human civilization.

In recent years, international terror has proved its extreme cruelty and readiness to stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Innocent people, children, women and the elderly suffer as a result of terrorist attacks. Human life is of no value for a terrorist.

The 3rd of September is the date associated with the tragedy at the school №1 in Beslan, where in 2014 a terrorist attack killed more than 300 people, 186 of whom were children. These terrible days became a starting point for the annual observance of the Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

As part of the campaign, foreign students of Kursk state medical university took part in the commemorative lity «You are always in our memory» at the Memorial of the fallen during the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.with laying of flowers to the graves of soldiers killed in local conflicts.

Further to the campaign, students of the Lyceum № 21 prepared a creative program and an exhibition of posters.

The pupils and guests observed a moment of silence in honour of all those fallen in the terrorist attacks.

Representatives of the Administration, educational institutions, public and religious organizations of the region gathered to discuss the global problem of terrorism. The leader of the Malaysian students’ community of KSMU, the international faculty student Adrian Ho took part in the discussion.

A joint meeting of the members of the working group on the harmonization of interethnic relations in the Kursk region and of the Public Chamber of the Kursk region, which includes the leaders of national, religious and public organizations of the Kursk region, was held after the campaign.



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