On January 15, 2019 at the initiative of Indian and Malaysian communities of KSMU students, the Administration for international relations and the International friendship club the celebration of the Indian national holiday “Pongal” took place at the hostel №6.

On the one hand, the Indian national holiday “Pongal” is the harvest festival, on the other – it can be called the feast to the glory of the Sun.

In India Pongal is celebrated for three days and starts with the cleaning of houses. On the first day of the holiday people get up early in the morning and after the special ablution put backlog of garbage and old unnecessaries in front of the house and burn them thus celebrating the time of parting with the past. On the second day the special festive dish “pongal”, which means “the plate of sweet rice”, is cooked with the novel rice after a long and severe winter. The third day of the holiday is dedicated to the veneration of cows – carefully decorated cows are brought to each house of the village.

Foreign students from India and Malaysia gathered together to worship their Gods. They chanted mantras performed folk songs and dances, regaled on the dishes, made of sweet rice, which are traditional for this day.

Carrying concerts, dedicated to national and religious holidays, is a part of the program, aimed to the successful adaptation of foreign students to the new environment. It also helps in preservation of cultural values, cultivation of interethnic tolerance among the student body.


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