The question of the conservation and keeping up the cultural traditions of different countries is an important aspect of the educational work with foreign students.

At the initiative of the community of Indian students of KSMU and the Administration for international relations, as part of the work of the International Friendship Club, the concert, dedicated to Indian culture “TIRANGA” took place on March 25, 2019.

The concert was attended by the head of the Administration for International Relations — Yu.Sh. Iobidze; the dean of the international faculty, professor – Yu.D. Lyashev; the vice deans of the international faculty, the staff members of the Administration for International Relations, students and teachers of KSMU.

The performers started the event with the traditional national anthems of India and Russia, thus having highlighted the friendly relations between the states with an ancient history.

India is a country, where people still reverently keep and venerate the cultural traditions, in spite of the global changes in the world. Each dance is a piece of work, part of life, which conveys the emotional stress of a person, shows the culture of the country, the life of people.

The students impressed the audience with the performance of national and modern dances, wonderful songs.

The hall was traditionally decorated with the scenery made by the students.

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