On June 28, 2019  the delegation from Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) visited Kursk state medical university, including: the director of Health and Social Work Training Center Jacqueline Bötther and the general manager of Municipal Hospital of Eisenhüttenstadt Jenish Uve Berndt Udo.

The meeting with the Administration of the university took place in the conference-hall of KSMU. The vice-rector for continuous education and international cooperation professor I.G. Komissinskaya, the vice-rector for clinical work and regional health development associate professor A.A. Stepchenko, the vice-rector for educational work, social development and public relations associate professor T.A. Shulgina, the head of the Administration for Education and Methodology professor A.I. Ovod were present at the meeting.

The main aim of the visit was the establishment of international relations between Kursk state medical university and social institutions of Eisenhüttenstadt. Special attention has been given to the possibility of passing practical training by students of KSMU in the within named town of Germany.

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