On November 21, 2019 there was held the meeting of the law enforcement officials representatives of the town and region with the new foreign students that came to study at our University. This event has already become traditional.

The meeting was attended by the chief assistant prosecutor on legal support — Tatiana Ivanovna Perova, the regional chief assistant prosecutor on supervision of execution of federal security law, inter-ethnic relations law and the law on combating extremism and terrorism — Sergey Viktorovich Stupakov, deputy head of the Federal Drug Control Service — Valery Fedorovich Gnezdilov, the deputy head of the public order protection department in the Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in  Kursk region – Dmitry Yuryevich Davidov, the head of the regional office for organization of migration registration, visa and invitation processing in the department of licensing and visa work of the Directorate for Migration Affairs in the Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Kursk region – Maria Alexandrovna Martianova, the senior criminal investigator of the Centre for Combating Extremism in the Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Kursk region – Natalia Nikolaevna Matyukhina, the rectorate assistant for security — A.I. Saltanov, the rectorate advisor — Chahine Mohamad Toufic, the head of the basic safety, civil defense and emergency department of KSMU Jury Petrovich Avdeev.

The meeting was presided over by the head of the Administration for International Relations Jury Shalvovich Iobidze, who called the foreign students to observe strictly the Russian legislation, the requirements of the university local acts and follow the recommendations of the law enforcement officials.

The questions of improvement of the cooperative work effectiveness of all the subjects of preventive actions taken in this direction were discussed at the meeting along with provision of safety for foreign students, prevention of extremist actions whether against foreign students or with their participation, following the rules of migration legislation, prevention of any violations of Russian legal system.

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