The Medical faculty was founded by the resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR No.80 of 9 February 1935 on the opening of the medical institute in Kursk.

During the last years the annual admission to the budgetary basis of training is 220 persons and up to 210 persons to the commercial basis.

17650 physicians have been trained at the Medical faculty during 75 years. Many of the faculty’s graduates have become candidates and doctors of sciences, honored physicians, well-known scientists and organizers in health. Among them are academicians Annenkov G.I., Astafiev V.I., Bykovsky A.F., Nikolaev-Menshikov V.N., Skripkin Yu.K., Skobelkin O.K. and others.

The Pediatric faculty has a 12 year history. However, the preparation of pediatricians at KSMU has glorious traditions. Over 30 years future pediatricians were trained in clinical internship or residency. To-day 249 students study on a budgetary basis and 182 – on a commercial basis.

Instruction at the faculty is provided at 46 departments by 45 professors and 64 associate professors, including the leading university teachers – professor L.G. Prokopenko, professor P.V. Kalutsky, professor N.G. Filippenko, professor N.A. Bystrova, associate professor I.A. Okhotnikov and others.

The Medical and Pediatric faculties are headed by the dean – DSc, professor, head of the human anatomy department Kharchenko Vladimir Vasilievich.

Since September2012 the Pediatric faculty has become a part of the dean’s office of the Medical faculty which provides organization and management functions.


Dean’s office of the medical faculty is located in the main building of KSMU, 2nd floor, room No.233

Tel./fax: +7(4712)58-81-36

E-mail: – (Kharchenko V.V.)