The Pharmaceutical faculty of KSMU, founded in 1996 is one of the oldest and leading in Russia. The organizer of the faculty was the rector of the medical institute professor N.F. Krutko, whose initiative was related to the need of the regions of Central Russia in highly qualified pharmaceutical personnel. The first dean of the new dean’s office became an associate professor at that time, now an honored scientist of the RF, high achiever in healthcare, DSc, professor, honored professor of KSMU L.G. Prokopenko.

Training of engineers in the specialty “Biotechnology” began at KSMU in 1992 in view of regional demand in highly qualified staff for medical industry. The basic purpose of the faculty was training of specialists – engineers in the area of microbial and bioorganic synthesis.

In 1996 a degree granting department of Chemical Technology of biologically active substances was founded, subsequently it was renamed to the department of Biological and Chemical Technology.  Doctor of Biological Sciences,professor Lyudmila PetrovnaLazurina is the organizer and the first head of the graduate department of Biological and Chemical Technology.

In 1997 the Biological faculty became a separate structure.

From 1997 to 2012 the faculty was headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor L. P. Lazurina.

In 2012 the pharmaceutical and biotechnological faculties were joined together. Currently the dean of the faculty is Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, professor of the department of pharmacognosy and botany Drosdova Irina Leonidovna.

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