The staff of the department includes 14 teachers, 87% of them have PhD.

Kurkina Marina Petrovna

The head of the Department of Economics and Management

Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor



Belyaev Sergey Alexandrovich — associate professor, candidate of historical sciences


Reprinceva  Elena Vasilevna — associate professor, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences


Chistilina Elena Valerevna — associate professor, candidate of economic sciences


Vlasova Olga Vladimirovna — senior lecturer, candidate of economic sciences
Bushina Nadezhda Sergeevna — senior lecturer


Zyukin Danil Alexeevich — senior lecturer, candidate of economic sciences


Nadzhafofa Marina Nikolaevna — senior lecturer


Sergeeva Natalia Mitrofanovna —  senior lecturer, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences



Educational work

The aim of the educational work is providing self-development, self-improvement and self-realization of students on the basis of development of spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, ecological and valeological values and formation of professional competence.

The tasks of educational work:

  • creation of favorable social and psychological conditions and socio-cultural environment for formation of cultural and professional competences of students;
    •formation of patriotic consciousness and active citizenship of students;
    • improvement of the cultural level, behavior, communication of students;
    • creation of conditions for the sustainable development of creative abilities of students and the organization of their leisure activities;
    • development of student clubs and associations focused on professional and personal development of students;
  • development of students ‘ motivation for a healthy life style;
  • organization of inter-department interaction in sphere of educational and socio-cultural activities.

The main directions of educational work:

— professional development

— corporate solidarity

— development of social activity

— formation of healthy life style

In 2014 Business club was organized in the department of Economics and Management. The purpose of the Business club is an association of students interested in issues of economics, the popularization of economic knowledge in the student’s environment and the formation of business communication skills.

Implementation of the educational activities is carried out in the unity of the educational and extracurricular activities and is aimed at the formation of professional and cultural competences of students.


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Postal address: 305041 Kursk K.Marx str.3