Social-living conditions


At present foreign students live in hostels No. 4, 5 and 6. All hostels are situated close to the University and are supplied with central heating, cold and hot water and the necessary furniture. In every hostel there is a tutor who works with foreign students:


qdc9BtuEtGcHostel № 4

Living space – 2920,29 sq.m. Living rooms – 214. There is a buffet in the hostel.

P49NyzxGgUcOrobinskaya Irina Sergeevna
— the tutor of hostel 4 
Kz0YPaZvVtEHostel № 5

Living space – 2192,4 sq.m. Living rooms – 160 A buffet and a chemist’s shop are available in the hostel.

Кукарских И.А.Kukarskikh Irina Anatolievna
— the tutor of hostel 5 
ZuCUkuXR67UHostel № 6

Living space – 3336,2 sq.m.

Living rooms – 101

Леонидова В.Л.Leonidova Vera Leonidovna 
— the tutor of hostel 6 

IdVH_IoxTksNikiforova Anna Sergeyevna

– the tutor of foreign students, living in apartments

The tutors are in charge of the following aspect of work:

  • providing educational work with foreign students;
  • acquaintance with the normative documents regulating foreign students’ behavior in public places, their living in hostels or in an apartment;
  • moving of students in and out of hostel;
  • explaining the rules of living in students’ hostels and fire safety regulations to foreign students and control over the rules observance;
  • rendering assistance in solving problems (health, living conditions, relations between roommates, etc.);
  • keeping order in the hostels;
  • issuing hostel cards to new students;
  • moving students within and between hostels;
  • assistance to students in preparation for cultural and sports events;
  • checking the sanitary state of rooms;

organizing medical check-ups, etc.