The academic teaching staff of the Department consists of 15 members. Among them there are two Doctors of Science, ten Doctors of Philosophy, 2 Professors and four Associate Professors.

The Department is headed by Sumin Sergey Aleksandrovich — Doctor of Science in Medicine, Professor, honorary worker of Higher Education Institutions of the Russian Federation, honorary worker of science and education of Kursk region, Veteran of Kursk State Medical University, physician of superior qualification merit in speciality “Anesthesiology and resuscitation”. Sergey Aleksandrovich is a laureate of the annual prize in the sphere of medical and pharmaceutical education of higher education institutions of Russia in nomination “For the complex of educational editions”. Most of the department workers are the physicians of superior merit.

The staff members of the department are teaching the following subjects:

“Reanimation and intensive therapy” for 6-year students of the medical faculty and medical and preventative care, 5th-year students of the international faculty. “Practical course on first-aid at emergency situations” for third-year students of the faculty of clinical psychology.

The teachers of the department prepare the doctors in the residency and the internship in speciality “Anesthesiology and resuscitation”, “Transfusiology” and “Intensive therapy”.

Residency and internship training consists of theory, practice, preparation on related subjects, visiting of elective courses, training simulation course and passing of externship. There is carried out training of practical doctors at professional development programme and professional retraining in specialities “Anesthesiology and resuscitation”, “Toxicology”, “Transfusiology”, “Thrombolytic therapy” on budgetary and commercial bases.

The department takes active part in staff training for practical healthcare. For the last 20 years there have been prepared more than 400 interns and residents.

The staff members of the department participate in a high-priority national project in the field of Healthcare; carry out lecture cycles out of the university, practical trainings with the doctors of Kursk, Belgorod and Orel regions.

The scientific field of the department is “Development of anesthetic support and intensive therapy in patients with various pathologies”.

The department teachers carry out their medical activity in basic medical establishments in the form of consultations, participations in the councils of physicians, conferences of the doctors, providing anesthetic support, duties in anesthesiology and resuscitation department, departures with the first aid team, quality control of first aid.

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