The staff consists of 22 persons. There are four Professors, ScDs, and 10 PhDs.

The department is headed by Lazurina Lyudmila Petrovna — ScD in Biology, Professor, the member of Academy of Sciences in Ecology and Safety, Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH), the chairman of task group «Biotechnology. Biomedical engineering», the chairman of subject-cyclic commission in «Biotechnology», Vice-Chairman at the methodic council of the biotechnological faculty, the member of Education and Methodics Association (EMA) in chemical technological education in «Biotechnology» and «Chemical technology of organic substances», the member of EMA in manufacturing technologies of medicinal preparations, the expert of Accreditation center of Russian Society for Engineering Education (RSEE).

The students of biotechnological faculty are taught here. Teaching is conducted in Russian.

The main direction in scientific research: «Biomedical engineering» where topical problems of medico-ecological IT are solved, they are: synthesis and study of new compounds with biological activity; production of medicinal forms on their basis; development of technologies to obtain materials for medicinal purposes; development of disease diagnostic techniques  according to trace elements status and electric characteristics of projection zones.

The Pedagogical School: «The development of active teaching methods for biotechnologists».

The Methodic School: «Working out of Educational and Methodics Complex for training in «Biotechnology».

Practical facilities: «Pharmstandard Leksredstva», «Canonpharma production», «UNIKA engineering», «Moscow Endocrine Factory», «Kurskhimvolokno», Federal State Budgetary Establishment “The institute of bioorganic chemistry after academicians M.M. Shemyakin and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov” of Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal State Budgetary Establishment «Scientific research institution of epidemiology and microbiology after N.F. Gamalei» and others.

The staff actively carries out educational work with students. The department has four clubs attached to it, such as «Green Forces», «Biorhythm», «Memory», and «Leader».

Contact Information:

Kursk, 18 Yamskaya St.  (pharmaceutical building of the KSMU),

Tel: 53-35-13,