The department of dermatovenereology was founded in 1938.

DsC in Medicine professor L.V. Silina is the head of the department since 1998.

2 Doctors of Science in Medicine and 9 Philosophy Doctors in Medicine work at the department.

Scientific activity at the department is conducted at the main problem aspects of dermatovenereology: treatment of chronic itchy and lichenoid dermatosis, diagnostics and treatment of urinogenital infections; immunocorrection in cases of urinogenital infections and dermatosises; physiotherapy in dermatovenereology; new methods of treatment of acne, demodicosis and rosacea. The employees of the department have received 3 licenses for methods of treatment of psoriasis and 1 license for treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Contact information:

Tel.: 8(4712) 70-27-71