The academic teaching staff of the Department includes 7 members. Among them there is one Doctor of Science in Medicine and three Philosophy Doctors in Medicine.

Larisa Alexeyevna Zhukova is the head of the Department. She is  professor, member of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), member of editorial board of the Russian Medical Magazine “Diabetes mellitus”, chairwoman of the Kursk Regional Endocrine Society, Expert of Healthcare.

A lot of students from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics study at this Department. Also international students of the International Faculty study at the Department of Endocrinology in English medium.

The clinical base of the Department is the Endocrinology Department in Kursk municipal clinical hospital of emergency medical service.

The main area of the research is organization of diabetology and endocrinology services in the terms of municipal public health service.

Areas of practical activity: consultation of people with endocrine diseases, organization of the regional endocrine society activity, training of endocrinologists at the advanced training cycles, training of clinical interns and residents, directing of the city endocrinology-diabetologycentre, registration of diabetics, teaching the rules of dietary, physical training, taking of antidiabetic drugs, self-monitoring of glycemiato people with diabetes at the special school for people with diabetes.

The Department staff regularly conducts educational work with students, interns and residents: thematic discussions devoted to various aspects of bioethics, deontology, civil sphere of medicine.

Contact information:

Kursk city, Pirogovastr, 14. Phone: 52-70-33. E-mail: