The staff of the department consists of 12 persons i.e. five Associate Professors, one Senior Lecturers and six assistants. The total number of personnel with a scientific degree is 80%. The department is headed by Tatyana Dmitrievna Vasilenko — Associate Professor, ScD in Psychology, Honored specialist of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The teaching process is carried out at the faculty of clinical psychology and the international faculty. The disciplines taught: general psychology, psychology of personality, counseling psychology, health psychology, methodological problems of clinical psychology, supervision etc.

Practical facilities: regional narcological hospital, children’s polyclinics and Kursk regional clinical hospitals, Kursk clinical mental hospital.

Scientific tendency: «Psychology of corporality», «Social and psychological conditions of forming behavior strategy in children of primary school age in the state of uncertainty, «Integrative approach in psychological counseling and psychotherapy of children and teenagers and their close relations» and others.

Practical tendency of the department: Clinical psychological support of pregnant women, children with psychosomatic disorders and their families, clinical psychological support of patients suffering from oncologic, gynecological, cardiovascular, dermatologic and gastrointestinal tract disorders and clinical psychological support of sportsmen as well.

Social mission: there are two volunteer groups functioning within the department, they are: «Hippotherapy» and «Clearly visible life». The staff of the department is in charge of the KSMU psychological center which is responsible for psychological support of the teaching process, psychological counseling and use of psycho-correctional methods, as well as professionally oriented tendency and others.


Contact information:

Tel +7(4712)58-86-37.