Staff of the department:

  1. The head of the department, Associate Professor, PhD in Medicine A.S. Kulabukhov
  2. Associate Professor, PhD in Medicine I.A. Nikolaeva
  3. Associate Professor, PhD in Pharmacy I.V. Tolkacheva
  4. Assistant Lecturer PhD in Pedagogy L.N. Shulgina
  5. Senior laboratory assistant E.I. Bogdanova


100% of the staff have obtained a scientific degree.


Faculties, where students are taught

  1. Medical
  2. Pediatric
  3. Preventive medicine
  4. Pharmaceutical
  5. Higher nurse training
  6. Secondary vocational training


Disciplines taught at the department:

  1. Primary care.
  2. Principles of nurse business
  3. Organization and conduction of nurse investigations
  4. Treatment of therapeutic patients (internal diseases)
  5. Treatment of geriatric patients
  6. Treatment of surgical patients
  7. Differential diagnosis and administering emergency medical aid in surgery and traumotology.
  8. Differential diagnosis and administering emergency medical aid in therapy
  9. First medical aid
  10. Propaedeutics of internal diseases
  11. Propaedeutics in surgery and traumotology.
  12. Diagnosis in geriatrics
  13. Theory and practice of nurse business
  14. Safe patient’s and personnel’s environment
  15. Technology of administering medical services


Training and curative facility of the department is Kursk District Clinical Hospital.


Main scientific directions of the department:

  • Innovation technologies in nurse business;
  • The history of nurse business;
  • Ergonomic research in nurse business;
  • Organization and management of nursing activity;
  • Quality of nursing attendance;
  • Ethic and legal foundations of nursing attendance;
  • Professional standards of nursing practice.



Conceptions of KSMU students’ education have been developed.  There are annual plans of educational work with the students. Lecturers regularly carry out different discussions concerning morals, ethics, deontology, culture of behavior including health care facilities.  Students visit exhibitions, concert halls, they also take part in different actions, devoted to historical dates (Nurses’ Day, Medical Officer’s Day etc.)



To follow-up patients the coloproctology unit (associate professor Kulabukhov A.S.) and endocrinology unit (associate professor Nikolaeva I.A.) are assigned to the department. All the lecturers perform curative work, have highest qualification categories.




305007, Kursk, 45A Sumskaya St.

The chairperson of the department: PhD in Medicine, associate professor Kulabukhov Aleksey Sergeevich

Tel. (4712) 35-24-02 Fax (4712) __-