In 2013 the department of obstetrics and gynaecology was given a title “Golden department of Russia” for good achievements in the field of development of science and education in Russia by the General committee of the Russian academy of Natural History as part of the programme “Gold reserves of national science”.

The teaching staff consists of 11 teachers, including five DsC and three PhD. The department is headed by Marina Grigorievna Gazazyan – DsC, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Companion of Alexander Nevsky, honorary professor of KSMU, Physician of Superior Merit.

The teaching process is carried out at the medical and pediatric faculties, the faculty of dental, medical and preventative care, international faculty, medico-pharmaceutical college.

The clinical sites are Regional Budgetary Health Care Establishment “Kursk clinical maternity hospital”, Regional Budgetary Health Care Establishment “Kursk State City Clinical Hospital № 4”, Regional Budgetary Health Care Establishment “Kursk State City Hospital № 6”.

The main directions of the scientific research are the following:

  • adaptation problems of the system of circulatory dynamics and hemostasis during pregnancy
  • prophylaxis of anoxic damage of fetus and new-born
  • agenesia and habitual noncarrying of pregnancy
  • use of different variants of autohaemoplasmdonation
  • prophylaxis and treatment of genital organs’ malposition
  • problems of oncogynaecological rehabilitation
  • problems of teen-age gynaecology
  • problems of genitalia’s deep-rooted inflammatory process
  • state of mammary glands at different gynaecological conditions

The directions of practical work are the following: weekly clinical and anatomicopathological conferences, monthly sessions of the academic board, perinatal committee, commission for analysis of maternity mortality. The staff of the department carries out direction of scientific researches of practitioners. For many years the employees of the department manages obstetrics-gynaecologic service of Kursk, teaching doctors surgical technique, analyzing the main working data, rendering emergency care obstetric establishments of the city.


Contact information:

Tel.: 8(4712) 52-98-80