The department of orthopedic dentistry was founded in 1998.

The head of the department is Candidate of Medical Sciences Yelena Viktorovna Felker.

Clinical work plays an import ant role in the activities of the department. All the staff members successfully combine clinical practice in the state and private dental clinics of Kursk, which allows continuous improving of their professional skills.

 The research envelope of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry:

  1. The opportunities of decreasing the atrophic processes of denture-supporting tissues through orthopedic alignment of patients with removable prostheses constructions.
  2. The condition of the tissues of the mouth cavity organs when using prostheses based on non-monomeric polymers (experimental study).
  3. Justification of the removable denture construction choice for diabetes patients with partial teeth loss.
  4. Prediction of the temporomandibular joint syndrome pathology among teenagers with musculoskeletal system disorder.
  5. Diagnostics of the cancer stomatological pathology during outpatient dental examination.

The department teaches Otorhinolaryngology to the 4th – 5th year students of the departments of general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, the Public Health faculty and faculty of foreign students. Apart from the students, clinical interns, resident medical practitioners, postgraduates, the audience of the Postgraduate Education Faculty receive training at the department. Today the department is the Republican Centre for doctors training in the field of endoscopic methods of diagnostics and surgery for Ear Nose Throat organs diseases.

Three Doctors and 3 Candidates of Medicine work at the department.

Contact information:

Tel.: 8(4712) 50-00-95