The department of otorhinolaryngology began its teaching process on the 1st of September, 1939. As the clinical base of the department was chosen ORT-department, which was organized at the end of 1921 at Kursk provincial national hospital.

Nowadays the head of the department is Viktor Serafimovich Piskunov — professor, DsC in Medicine.

The teaching process is carried out at the medical and pediatric faculties, the faculty of dental and medical and preventative care, international faculty for 4th-5th year students.  Except students clinical interns, clinical residents, postgraduates and leaners of the faculty of postgraduate education also take training at the department. Nowadays the department is the republican center in preparation of doctors in endoscopic diagnostic aids and surgery in cases of ORT-organs’ diseases.

3 Doctors of Science in Medicine and 3 Philosophy Doctors in Medicine work at the department.

Contact information:

Tel.: 8(4712) 35-96-30