The Staff of the department consists of 3 Associate professors, 8 instructors.


  1. Dudka Victor Tarasovich, Chairman of the Pathological Anatomy department of Kursk State Medical University, PhD, associate professor
    2. Goriainova GalinaNickolajevna, PhD,associate professor
    3. Litvinova Ekaterina Sergejevna, PhD,associate professor
    4. Razumova Marina Sergejevna, assistant
    5. Mikhailova Alevtina Igorevna, PhD, assistant
    6. Kuzmitskaya Olesya Nickolajevna, PhD, assistant
    7. Kaplin Anton Nickolajevich,PhD, assistant
    8. Kharchenko Anastasia Viktorovna,assistant
    9. Radionova Oksana Igorevna,assistant
    10.Vedenjev Yuri Ivanovich, assistant, Chief of the Pathological Anatomy department of Kursk City Emergency Care Hospital

11.Pirogov Andrei Vladimirovich, assistant, pathologist of the Kursk Regional Pathological Anatomy Bureau


Faculties: Medical, Stomatological, Medical Prophylactic, Pediatric, International, Postgraduate Education.


Disciplines: Pathological Anatomy, Clinical Pathological Anatomy, Sectional Course, Pathological Anatomy of the Oral-Facial Region, Tropical Pathology, Selected questions of Oro-facial regionPathology


Clinics:Regional Pathological Anatomy Bureau of Kursk region, Pathological Anatomy department of Kursk City Emergency Care Hospital.


Scientific research work is based on the complex scientific programs:


“Regenerative Medicine”, “Innovative fundamental technologies in Medicine”.


The directions of scientific investigation are following:


Immune Pathology in diseases

Magnetic Fields influence

Hypoxic Injury of CNS in perinatal period. Cerebral Infantile Palsy

Preconditioning of Myocardium ischemia

Preclinical investigation of medicines


The directions of practical activities: Pathological Anatomy


Public Activities:

  • Tutorial work with students on the formation of skills of health care and on prevention of harmful habits and social valuable diseases;
  • Demonstration of the collection of macroscopic preparations in the Museum of macro specimens;
  • Sport activities, sport competitions
  • Participation in charity events


Contact information: Russia, Kursk

305041,  Karl Marx Street, 3

Tel: 58-89-29