The are 6 teachers, 2 candidates of sciences

The department has its own clinical base, which is located in the urban children’s dental clinic in Kursk.

The scientific directions of the department are:

  1. Prevention of dental diseases:

— determination of the risk factors, assessment of cariogenic situation in the mouth;
— Prevention of anomalies of maxillo-facial area;

  1. Treatment of caries and its complications in children and adolescents.


The priority areas of the clinical work of the department:

Orthodontic treatment: all kinds of orthodontic care, including treatment with braces and lingual braces technology.

Children’s preventive dentistry: all kinds of outpatient dental care for children, including the diagnosis and treatment of dental caries and its complications, non-carious lesions of periodontal diseases.

Children’s dental surgery: elective surgery in congenital anomalies and maxillofacial region, assisting in acute inflammatory processes of maxillofacial area.


Contact information:

Tel: 89038740513