The Department of Pharmacology

Staff of the department:

·        Head of the department, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science – Mal Galina Sergeevna

·        Associate Professor – 4

·        Assistant Professor – 2

·        Assistant lecturer – 6

Faculties on which the Pharmacology taught:  Medical, Pediatric, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Medical-Preventive, Biotechnological, International.

Scientific research areas: Pharmacology, Cardiology and Angiology.

Nowadays the research priority of the Department of Pharmacology is continuation of the traditions of Experimental Cardiology and its development primarily in the aspect of study of drugs in multifocal atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction and elaboration of line – geriatric pharmacology.

Student Scientific Community is functioning at the Department of Pharmacology under the direction of professor G. S. Mal. Annually about 20 students are busy in the Student Scientific Community. In the last 5 years there are carried out about 100 extraordinary course works.

The implementation of educational goals and objectives at the Department of Pharmacology is carried out by means of:

§  Subject Olympiad;

§  Annual Student Conferences;

§  Work of Student Scientific Society;

§  Organization of meetings of students with the members of medical and scientific institutions;

§  Carrying out of creative evenings, games «What? Where? When? »;

§  Demonstration of  films of relevant topics;

§  Carrying out of excursions and visit theaters and concerts.

Tradition has become a promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of pernicious habits.

Contact information:

Tel/fax: (4712) 58-77-66.

Address: 305041, Russia, Kursk, К. Marxstr.3, Department of Pharmacology