The Department of Philosophy is the essential branch in the system of social-humane education of medical students. At all the faculties of our university the Department staff teaches Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Bioethics, National History, Political Science, Logic, History and Theory of Religion. The Department of Philosophy organizes training of Philosophy, Bioethics and History of Russia for international students in English.

95 % of the staff has the scientific degrees. The head of the Department of Philosophy is Shyavelyov S.P. — professor, D.Sc. in Philosophy, D.Sc. in History.

The Department staff leads active scientific research work connected with the University specialization. For 2014-2016 professor Shyavelyov S.P., associate professor Nemerov E.N, associate professor Pizhova O.V., senior teacher Nikulina A.G. got a research grant of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund (project # 14-33-01018a1 “Spiritual practice as a philosophical problem: ontological, epistemological, axiological aspects”).

The Department holds as regional as international conferences. From June 23 until June 25 2014 in the University upon the initiative of the Department of Philosophy there had been holding an International Conference devoted to the 150th anniversary of Russian country council establishment. V.A. Lazarenko, rector of KSMU, professor, D.Sc. in Philosophy and Enthony Krener chief of the Foundation Russian History (the Netherlands) took part in the conference.

The Department staff imparts research skills to students, helps to form aesthetic sense and moderate incredulous scientific attitude. At students’ meetings KSMU students talk about pressing problems of medicine and healthcare. The Department workers arrange educative events: excursions, meetings, roundtable discussions, symposiums.