The teaching staff consists of 8 teachers. The department is headed by Snegireva Ludmila Valentinovna — assistant professor, Ph.D. in Biology.


The teaching process is carried out at the following faculties:

Medical faculty (1 Course)

Faculty of pediatrics (1 Course)

Dental faculty (1, 2 Courses)

Faculty of medical and preventative care (1 Course)

International faculty (1 Course)

Faculty of pharmacy (1, 2 Courses)

Faculty of clinical psychology (1 Course)

Faculty of economics (1, 2 Courses)

Faculty of social work (1 Course)


The disciplines taught:


Physics, Mathematics

New information technology

Modern information technology

Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

Mathematical analysis

Linear algebra


The employees of the department prepared more than 100 publications in teaching and guiding including more than 50 at the international level, more than 15 at the federal level and more than 35 at the regional level.

The educational work of the department is directed to the increasing of students’ general cultural level, enlarging their scope, formation of tolerance and understanding of other cultures, development of nationalism sense, love to the Russian culture.


Contact information:

305041, Kursk

Karl Marx str., 3

Tel.: 8(4712)587746