The Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases consists of 15 teachers, among them there are two Doctors of Science in Medicine, seven Doctors of Philosophy in Medicine, two professors, six associate professors and six assistant lecturers.

The head of the Department is E.N. Konoplya — Professor, ScD in Medicine, Academician at Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, «Excellent worker of public health», Honored Physician of the RF, Highest category doctor.


  1. Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases – Medical, Pediatric, Stomatological Faculties, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, International Faculty.
  2. Occupational diseases — Medical, Pediatric Faculties, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, International Faculty.
  3. Practical work «Therapeutic patient’s care» — the International Faculty.
  4. Practical training «An assistant of a charge nurse», «An assistant of a practical nurse» — Medical, Dental Faculties, the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, International Faculty.


Clinical facilities of the department: «District Hospital at the station Kursk Russian Railways», Hospital for wars veterans, Municipal Hospital №3, Municipal Hospital №6


Practical facilities: clinical facilities of the department and municipal hospital №1, municipal hospital №4, Kursk District Hospital, Emergency Hospital


Scientific research tendencies: pharmacology, immunology.


Tendencies of practical activity: curing, consultations and ward-rounds, running a planning meeting, examination of dead patients’ case histories,  reports on topical problems of therapy, consultation of out-patients, curators’ visits to the vicinities of the region.


Social mission – vocational, cultural and moral, civil law education of the students.

Contact Information:  305041 Kursk, 3 K. Marx St., Telephone: (8)4712-55-53-74