The Department of Psychology of Health and Correctional Psychology leads educational process at 11 faculties of the university, and also at postgraduate education level– with residents and students of the faculty of postgraduate education. The Department is multidisciplinary. The Department staff includes 3 professors, 2 associate professors, one senior teacher. 71,4% of the staff has the scientific degrees (3 Doctors of Science in Psychology, 2 Doctors of Philosophy in Psychology).

Since 2014 the Department staff had been offering a new specialization in accordance with the requirements of educational standards of the third generation “Neuropsychological rehabilitation and correctional and developing training”.

The main areas of the scientific research are clinical and correctional psychology, psychology of dependence, psychology of health and psychology of professional health, neuropsychology, social psychology of dysontogenesis, organizational psychology.

Within the framework of the research areas scientific-research groups have been organized at the Department. The groups consist of the Department staff members, representatives of practical healthcare and corporate structures and KSMU students.

The Department staff members, professors Nikishina V.B, Zapesotskaya I.V, Molchanova L.N and the associate professors Neduruyeva T.V, Petrash E.A. take an active part in leading a postgraduate training program in social psychology.

In the sphere of scientific and methodology activity the Department workers maintain close relations with the Healthcare establishments of Kursk region (The Center of medical precaution of Kursk region, the Regional detoxication clinic, Kursk psychoneurologicdispensary), Kursk prosthetic and orthopedic factory, Federal Public Institutions of Healthcare of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kursk region; Neurology, Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine Institute of the Academy of Medical Science in Ukraine.

The Department takes an active part in international, Russian and Kursk research projects. The Department workers take part and hold research and practical conferences of various levels.