The Department of Radio Diagnostics and Therapy was founded in 1955.

Nowadays the academic teaching staff of the Department includes 11members. Among them there are two professors, Doctors of Science in Medicine and eight Philosophy Doctors in Medicine.

The head of the Department is Natalya Sergeyevna Vorotintceva D.SC. in Medicine, professor, member of St. Petersburg Society of Radiation Therapists, chairwoman of Kursk and Belgorod Regional Research and Practice Societies of  Radiation Therapists.

Disciplines: “Radio diagnostics”, “Radio therapy”, “Ultrasound diagnostics”, “Roentgenology”.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine, Stomatology, Pediatrics, Medical and Preventative Care and International Faculty study at the Department of Radio Diagnostics and Therapy. The students are trained in Russian and English medium. Annuallyinterns and residents are trained in such disciplines as “Roentgenology” and “Ultrasound diagnostics”.

The clinical bases of the Department are situated in Kursk regional clinical hospital, Kursk municipal hospital #1 named after Korotkov, Kursk municipal clinical hospital of emergency medical service, Kursk municipal hospital  #4 and Regional clinical TB dispensary.

The main areas of the research are development of new diagnostic criteria and improvement of ultrasound diagnostics algorithm in pediatrics and pediatric phthisiology, X-ray computer tomography of diagnostics of ENT organs, clinical X-ray diagnostics in oncology.

Areas of practical activity: consultation of people at clinical bases of the Department, implementation of modern diagnostic methods into activity of Departments of Radio Diagnostics at clinical bases.

The Department staff regularly conducts educational work with students, interns and residents: thematic discussions devoted to various aspects of ethics, deontology, juridical sphere of medical activity of radio diagnostics doctors. This work is aimed to formation of skills in solving of social-psychological problems.

Contact information: Kursk city, Sadovaya str, 40. Phone: 89207360787. E-mail: