The teaching staff includes three Associate Professors, four Senior Lecturers and two assistants. There is one PhD in psychology and three PhDs in sociology among them.

The teaching process is conducted at the pediatric faculty, the faculties of clinical psychology, economics and management, the faculty of preventive medicine, the medical faculty as well as at the international faculty in English. This department is graduating for the faculty of social work. The humanities as well as the disciplines of professional and special sets are taught at the department. The theory of social work, the technology of social work and conflictology are among them. Coordination work is carried out about project works, graduation thesis works and practical work as well. Practical facilities include the Administration of Kursk Central District, the Administration of Kursk Seym District, Kursk region Social Security Committee, Kursk regional   medico-social rehabilitation center named after St. F. Pecherskiy, Social Service center  «Sympathy».

Scientific interests and lines of investigation:

·        Psychosocial methods of work with families, children and other categories of patients who have found themselves in difficult situations; methodic supply of the teaching process;  educational work among students;

·        The development of Russian sociology and philosophy at the end XIX- beginning XX centuries;

·        Social rehabilitation of disabled persons;

·        Elderly people status in the modern Russian society;

·        Regional aspects of the social policy;

·        Sociology of management.

The department of social work takes part in the projects of the university and our region concerning social support of students and employees, popularization of healthy life style, volunteer organizations.

Different volunteer groups such as «Search», «Support», «Step forward», and «Stop-AIDS» successfully function within the department of social work.

Contact information

Tel: 8 (4712) 500-200

Kursk, 305004, 6 Yamskays St., Kursk State Medical University, the Departmant of Social Work