The department of the infectious diseases is final for the students of the faculty of preventive medicine.

The Department is headed by V.Y. Provotorov — Doctor of Science in Medicine. Teaching staff consists of 14 persons: one Doctor of Science in Medicine, ten PhD in Medicine, one Professor, seven Associate Professors, six assistants. 9 teachers have the highest qualification of the infectionist, 2 of them have the first one.

The teaching process is carried out at the following faculties: medical and pediatric faculties, faculty of medical and preventative care, international, dental.

Clinical sites: The main site of the department is Regional Budgetary Health Care Establishment “Regional Clinical Inflectional Hospital by N.A. Semashko”: its address is Sumskaya Street 45-g, Tel. 32-54-20.

Additional Sites: The Medical Department of the Regional Authority of Internal Affair – Кursk and Кursk region; address: Gogolya Street, 5.

Federal Service of Execution Authority Polyclinic, Federal State Establishment.

Аddress:  Kursk, Pigoreva Street, 17

The main directions of the scientific research:

  1. Scientific research vitamins B exchange under hepatitis of different genesis;
  2. The use of immunomodulators and antioxidants under complex therapy of erysipelas.

At the department the methodical recommendations «The algorithm of the virus hepatitis С investigation» and «The algorithm of the patients’ with AIDS investigation» were prepared and multiplied. Medico-consultative work is constantly done at the department (including night duties in the in-patient department), emergency with the help of sanitary aviation, consultations in the medico-prophylactic establishments of the town and region as well.

The methodical recommendations “The first aid in case of children’s infectious diseases” and “Immunoprophylaxis of the infectious diseases” were worked out and inculcated into practice.


Contact information:


Тel.: 8(4712) 32-54-20