The Department is headed by Dubrovin G.M., Professor, Dr.S.

Teaching staff: 8 persons. 3 persons – Assistant Professors with PhD., 5 persons – assistants with PhD.

Students of the medical faculty, the pediatric faculty, the faculty of preventive medicine, the international faculty (the 5th course) are taught at the department; for the students of the faculty of secondary professional education (medico-pharmaceutical college).

The clinical sites, the practical sites: Regional Budgetary Health Care Establishment “Kursk State City Hospital № 4”, Non-State Health Care Establishment “Departmental City Hospital at the station named “Kursk” of “Russian Railways”; Federal State Establishment “Kursk Military Hospital of the Russian Federation”.

The main directions of the scientific research are the following: diagnostics and treatment of osteoarthrosis of large joints; minimally invasive osteosynthesis;  stimulation of osteoreparation; diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis; treatment of chronic osteomyelitis; the innovative methods of endoprosthetics of joints.

The directions of the practical work are the following: the organization of the medical-diagnostic process; the examination conducting of the diagnostic quantity level and the treatment in medical prophylactic city and regional establishments; the treatment of the patients with the pathologies of the muscular-skeletal system; performing operations at the patients with the pathologies of the muscular-skeletal system; conducting  the rounds; clinical disputing; scientific and clinical conferences.

The social mission: sport-sanitary, cultural-creative; educational.

Contact information: University address: Kursk, 305041,

Karl Marx Street, 3, KSMU.

Clinical base address – 305026, Kursk, Promyshlennyi Lane, 13.

Tel. 8(4712)(242560),