The Faculty of the continuing education was founded in KSMU by the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No.16-21/234 of April 9, 1997and today it has the status of a faculty of the continuing education for the academic teaching staff of higher and secondary specialized education institutions.

The main objective of the Faculty of the continuing education is advancing the pedagogical excellence of the university professors by means of mastering modern educational technology aimed at upgrading the education/bringing-up process.

Thematic priorities of the Faculty of the continuing education

  1. Higher education management: a thematic cycle for the heads of departments and professors.
  2. The basics of educational work in higher school: thematic cycle for young teachers as school of pedagogical excellence with further assessment of young teachers.
  3. Psychological and pedagogical thematic cycles for mastering new information technology.
  4. Cycles on education work in the university for tutors of student groups: psychological and pedagogical aspects of individual education work in the university.
  5. Cycles on management and organization of the educational process; new information technology in education; theory and practice of computing.
  6. Special improvement cycles on current pedagogical problems (paperwork management in departments, scientific management of the educational process, heads of departments, etc.)
  7. Cycle on Project management.
  8. Cycle on Organizational Time-Life management
  9. Cycle on Individual Time-Life management (personnel reserve).
  10. Cycle on Technology of efficiency estimation of cooperation in educational structures.
  11. Cycle on Communication models in the educational process: dialogical and monological forms.
  12. Cycle on Self-presentation Technology.
  13. Cycles for the teaching staff of other universities and colleges (under the contracts)
  14. Individual counseling of the teaching staff about the development of different training aids.


Contact information

305041, Russia, Kursk, K.Marx str., 4, tel. (4712)58-77-28